Projects And Programming With #NintendoLabo

People are starting to experiment with Nintendo Labo and I’m excited to see some of their explorations surface! Here are a couple places I’ve seen Labo projects. 1) A list of projects from Reddit: People are already making some amazing Toy-Con Garage creations and I just have to share them from NintendoSwitch 2) A fantastic […]

My Ideal Computer Setup Might Be Changing

In my mind, there are two Mac computer setups I’d want to rock: Powerful laptop with base station. OR Powerful desktop and light laptop. However, with new Mac support introduced for external graphics cards you can combine these two setups into one. Having a light laptop paired with essentially a “desktop docking station” means you […]

DIY Website Tracking With Matomo

I just installed Matomo (formally Piwik) on my domain and setup DIY website tracking for my new (HTML) reading circle website: I’m excited for this adventure because I want to test drive alternatives to Google Analytics and’s analytics through Jetpack. Not just for fun, but in a world of frequent privacy concerns, it’s good to […]

Computers Built Inside Of Minecraft

These are always so interesting to me, because how complex it shows simple computers to be when blown up to the size of Minecraft blocks. Such an intense level of hardware and software knowledge is required to do this. Check it out:

Self-Publishing & @Pressbooks Projects

Pressbooks emailed a link their Indie Author’s Guide to Self-Publishish and it looks like a pretty good resource. Also, I found their “Made on Pressbooks” promo page and was excited to see several texts I recognized. (Shoutout to Robin DeRosa & Mike Caulfield!) Check it: Made on Pressbooks

Continuing The Games & Learning Conversation #Netnarr

We had a great conversation for our #Netnarr Studio visit. Check it out: Afterwards, Kevin Hodgson, continued this conversation asynchronously using Vialogues. Additionally, one of the texts Remi recommended during our discussion was Teacher Pioneers: Visions from the Edge of the Map, which is: here's the open book "teacher pioneers" edited by @therealcaro with awesome […]

Fighting Fake News With Algorithms & Blockchain

Here were two examples of projects folks are working on to combat fake news: BaitBuster – Algorithm to identify clickbait titles of articles. Newscheck – Blockchain network to identify/suggest trusted sources and information. Fun fact – One of the BaitBuster developers is Mohammad Yousuf, a University of Oklahoma professor. 🙂

Coding Inside @CanvasLMS

Using you can embed coding exercises inside Canvas. This example of a implementation in a real Canvas course was shared with me by John Stewart. Trinket’s basically work like this: